About Susie

Yoga for every body! I am passionate about promoting yoga for wellbeing and encouraging students to challenge perceived limitations based on body shape, age, gender, and the ability to reach one’s toes. Having worked in demanding desk-based jobs for nearly 20 years, I can personally attest to the significant physical, mental and emotional benefits that introducing yoga and meditation practises can bring.

Yoga can be as simple as taking a deep breath into the belly, or making small movements instigated by the breath, and can help you work with your edge – be that balance, strength or dynamic movement, the ability to sit calmly, or open your mind to your own power and possibility.

I offer considered, breath-led, slowly flowing vinyasa yoga classes, balancing grounding and strength with uplift and energy. Yoga classes create a space for self-exploration and I encourage students to bring their whole selves, promoting self-care and the therapeutic and restorative nature of yoga practise. I draw on mindfulness practises and yogic philosophy and keep a light sense of humour throughout my classes.

I’m currently teaching at Paper Dress Yoga – a new studio in Hackney – on Monday and Friday mornings, and in workplaces, as well as running private and small group sessions. I am based in SW1 in London. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me.

Brimming with excitement at the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga, I recently completed my 200-hour teacher training with some of London’s most well regarded vinyasa yoga teachers, including Naomi Annand and Adam Hocke, at the marvellous Yoga on the Lane studio in Dalston. I see this as foundational step in a lifelong journey of ongoing learning and practise.