2021 Yoga Community 02/01

How many corners do our feet have? Today was Day 1 of Yoga With Adriene’s ‘Breath’ yoga journey. She asked us to “glue down” and “ground” “all four corners of the feet”, by which she means for us to press down with the base of the big toe, base of the smallest toe, inner edge of the heel and outer edge of the heel. I tend to keep it simple by referring to 3 corners, using the centre of the heel to make a triangle which tracks the arches of the feet. The arches are formed by the bones of the feet, supported by the ligaments and muscles. Either way, if you try actively pressing down, you might feel the arches of the feet activate – so by grounding yourself in this way, you also lift up, which has a knock-on effect in your legs, pelvis, spine and head. Literally, “rooting to rise”.

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