Recorded classes


Mini-classes to support your at-home yoga! Each class is a complete practice on its own and includes the essential resting pose at the end, but if you have a little more time the classes can be combined to create a longer 20 or 30 minute practice. Like a buffet of yoga, help yourself to a practice or series that will serve you where you are right now.

Yoga at home can be tailored to suit you – choose your own space, ambiance, temperature, music, pace and dress to be comfortable – and enjoy!

Warm up and specific focus mini-classes

Complete practices with a specific focus which include a short resting pose at the end. They can also be used as a warm up prior to a flow or standing class.

  • Yoga to find space to breathe (7 minutes)  – a seated class for releasing tension in the upper body. No props required, can be done at your desk. Suitable for all levels

Flow and standing mini-classes

Complete practices which include a short warm up and resting pose at the end. Add an appropriate warm up and / or extra resting class if you have more time.

  • Yoga to flow (15 minutes) – a simple, flowing sequence designed to match movement to breath, creating space to get out of your mind and into your body. No props required, although a mat would be useful. Suitable for all levels.

Warm down, restorative and resting mini-classes

Complete practices at a gentle pace which can be used to warm down or when you need to create a space to rest.

  • Yoga for rest (7 minutes) – set up to rest and drop in. No props required, just make sure you will be warm. Suitable for all levels.


Yoga is for everyone and for every body. However, it is up to you to assess whether you ready for the class that you choose, especially if you have a specific injury or are managing a condition. If you are not sure, please consult your doctor before participating. By joining our online classes you (a) automatically accept full responsibility for your own safety; (b) acknowledge that classes may be physically strenuous and that you voluntarily participate in them with the full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death; (c) agree that none of your heirs, assigns, legal representatives or you will make any claims of any kind whatsoever against Susie Gerke (the “instructor”) including without limitation for any personal injury or property loss, whether caused by negligence or otherwise; and (d) release and discharge the instructor from any and all claims, known or unknown. Nothing herein shall limit liability in any way that is not permitted under applicable law.